Sky's the limit!

Oh ho, who would have thought that I would ever blog again? Boredom has driven me to do exactly that, however. If you are reading this, then you should congratulate yourself on being here to witness the delayed but glorious birth of this site. I actually registered this blog name with WordPress back in the December of 2006, thinking that it would be a good name for a blog about anime or something, but never got around to posting anything here, as I was too focused on a different page that I was running at the time. But now I’m back again, and babe it’s gonna work out fine.

I guess it’s great that I finally got around to using this name, but you, dear reader, are probably wondering just what in the blue blazes this blog is all about. Well, like I said before, I originally registered this name with the intent to blog about anime, but there are far too many sites that already focus on that medium, and I lack the wit or motivation to crank out quality episode by episode synopsises. I have also considered using this blog to upload my favorite albums, musical rarities, and the like. While that is a good way to get lots of hits (which are directly related to the size of one’s penis), it is legally and morally questionable. Plus, unless the download links are accompanied by suggestions or reviews, each post is simply an excercise and not an entry. I have therefore resolved to concentrate this blog on entertainment in general; I will simply write about anything that I find entertaining, and you will find it all very insightful and noteworthy. Got it?

But really, you can expect news and reviews relating various mediums of entertainment here: music, comics, anime, and anything else that I want to throw in there. I will probably also upload free music now and then, which will in the form of bootlegs and demos from various well-known and more obscure bands. I realize that this makes the scope of the blog rather wide, meaning that it is just like any other idiot’s personal site, but I will hopefully post enough unique material to keep whoever stumbles upon this somewhat interested.