I’m still a young guy, and I’ve only been seriously exploring music for about ten years or so. During that time however, I’ve had a lot of favorite bands/musicians: some of them composers, some of them rappers, and some of them power metal groups (please don’t ask). It was only when I discovered King Crimson about three years ago that I finally settled down in my search for the best, though. Everything from the warm, mellotron-laden progressive rock of their debut to the stark, futuristic music found on Crimson’s recent albums struck a cord with me, and I was in love before I knew it. Exploring the band’s extensive catalogue, which is filled with studio gems and absolutely searing live releases, has proved itself to be enjoyable enough, but with KC’s last album released in 2003, I began to wonder if we would ever get a new CD, which would be the first one released since I became a fan.
My prayers were answered a few months ago, when King Crimson announced the acquisition of Porcupine Tree’s drummer, Gavin Harrison, with the intention of recording new material. I was overjoyed. Not only would my favorite band be releasing a new album, but they would be playing with two percussionists—a set up that hearkens back to previous Crimson lineups in the 70s and 90s. I didn’t think that it could get any better until I read the front page of Discipline Global Mobile today. King Crimson will be touring this year. This summer. Right near me. I can hardly contain myself.
The dates for the mini-tour are as follows:

I want to make it to one of the New York shows. There hasn’t been any word on ticket prices yet, but I can’t imagine them being outrageously-priced. Even then, I’d be willing to pay anything to see one of the most powerful and influential bands of all time in action. Summer cannot arrive soon enough.