Oh my, it’s already happened. The first non-collaborative Boris release since Pink has leaked online in 192kbps MP3 format. I found out about this less than an hour ago, and now I am already almost through my first listen of this. What a listen it has been! I’m saving a full review for when the album is officially released in April, (which I will certainly buy) but you should know that this is amazing. Like any Boris album, it is quite different from everything else in the group’s catalogue. It’s more straightforward then Boris’s droning or experimental albums, but it would be foolhardy to compare it to Pink, Heavy Rocks, or Akuma no Uta. It’s an entirely different beast. I guess the only way to find out is to listen for yourself, either now or when the album drops a few months later. You won’t be disappointed.

Here’s the tracklisting:

  1. メッセージ [07:07]
  2. BUZZ-IN [02:34]
  3. 放て! [05:02]
  4. 花・太陽・雨 [05:36]
  5. となりのサターン [05:20]
  6. 枯れ果てた先 [07:26]
  7. 君は傘をさしていた [09:20]
  8. 君は傘をさしていた (Pt. 2) [19:20]

Michio Kurihara and Steven O’Malley are also here as guest musicians.